Sylvia is the founder of the award-winning Spin the Globe travel blog, on which she shares her adventures traveling around the world in a power wheelchair. She focuses on the wheelchair accessibility of her destinations, encouraging fellow wheelchair users to explore the world.

Her blog has won the Gold Award for Best Travel Blog from the North American Travel Journalists Association, and the Bronze Award for Best Travel Blog from the Society of American Travel Writers. Sylvia’s blog currently attracts roughly 25,000+ views every month.


Sylvia is also an avid videographer, having documented her travels in over 100 videos for followers and brand partnerships, and over a dozen videos related to disability advocacy. In 2020, her contributions to accessible travel were featured by Adobe in their #HonorHeroes series, and by Glamour Magazine.

In 2020, Sylvia entered into a paid partnership with Tik Tok’s Creative Learning Fund to provide educational content during the COVID-19 quarantine. In the span of only six weeks, she amassed almost 100,000 followers, 3.2 million video likes, and over 9 million video views of her content highlighting aspects of life in a wheelchair and with a disability. She continues to produce videos that highlight the challenges wheelchair users encounter during travel and daily life, always with a sense of humor.

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